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Beautiful Palmarosa & fresh Sicilian Lemon essential oils

Palmarosa is a sweet, uplifting, floral fragrance. The oil promotes convalescence and relieves stress by clearing the mind and perfuming the air. It is a powerful bactericide, especially useful against intestinal infections. It is a febrile, digestive & calming.

Sicilian lemon oil is stimulating and cleansing, a disinfectant, febrile and bactericide, it helps the body fight infections and purifies the air. The light, fresh aroma of lemons is cheerful, bright and fights depression

100% natural ingredients, scented with pure essential oils

Aromatherapy Reed diffuser ~ joy

PriceFrom £20.00
  • Aromatherapy reed diffusers are scented with pure essential oils, no fragrance or chemicals so all you breathe in is the wonderful smell & the therapeutic properties of the natural oils. All packaging is ethically sourced, recycled and/or recyclable and FSC certified. The bags and boxes are made in the UK. The diffusers are handmade with love in Bristol, UK

    Refills available

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