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Bristol based Aromatherapist Camilla Amso founded Hampton Holistics from her love of natural remedies and the wonderful therapeutic qualities of essential oils. She starting making bath oils and pulse point rollerballs that she handed out to friends and family members as gifts to promote health and well being.

Applying Essential Oil


Camilla's love of scented candles piqued her interest to do some research into the health benefits of breathing in the lovely smells, only to discover not only were there no actual health benefits, they were in fact burning toxins into the air due to the chemical nature of the fragrances and paraffin based waxes. So began her mission to create beautiful scented candles from essential oils and pure, sustainable plant based waxes.

Learning the art of candle making was the first lesson, sourcing sustainable wax, recycled, UK made packaging and creating the perfect blend of oils for each candle came next.

The result is a product that she is proud of: Luxurious, ethically sourced, handmade (with love) aromatherapy candles, which not only look great, but are truly beneficial for us and for our planet.

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