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Invigorating rosemary & cheerful sweet orange essential oils ~ great for concentration

Sacred Rosemary oil is a powerful stimulant and antiseptic. It has been used for thousands of years as a purifier of the air and for 'rememberance'. It stimulates the brain and aids in mental clarity, working on the central nervous system to increase sensations and invigorate. It is analgesic and a tonic for the respiratory system. Sweet orange is a cheerful, 'sunshine' oil. It is antidepressant & antispasmodic and helps to combat insomnia.

100% natural ingredients, scented with pure essential oils

pulse point ~ energy

  • pocket sized portable aromatherapy

    pulse points are made with pure grapeseed oil blended with essential oils. choose your favourite scent from the collection or message me for a bespoke blend. They are for use on wrists, temples or the neck (behind ears) but can be used anywhere (external use only!)

    All the essential oils which I use are diluted to be safe for use on the skin, however as with any product if any adverse reaction occurs, please cease use.

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